Marriage HIS Way:
No Limit To What Two Can Do!

by Norma Washington & Ben Washington
Price: $10.00

"A successful marriage starts
with a successful YOU"!

Marriage HIS Way is a must read for couples facing challenges beyond what they could have imagined... and perhaps beyond their ability to cope.  This book is also excellent for those who simply want to get closer to God and for singles that want an understanding of God's purpose for marriage.

Saturday Morning Sisterhood 2: 
Arise and Get Going!

by Norma J. Washington
Price: $10.00

"Faith doesn't guarantee that everyday will be rosy
but if the seed of faith is planted it can produce rose"!

Saturday Morning Sisterhood 2: Arise and Get Going! is for every person that has eery faced a trial or tribulation eyond what could ever imaging... those times when "stuff happens" and life makes no sense.  Sit back and glean invaluble wisdom as Author, Norma J. Washington uniquely walks you though Sissy's life using 7 principles of faith found in John Chapter 14 as a roadmap to overcoming adversity.  The revelation and motivation found in this book will cause you to get up, dust yourselves off and move forward believing that "no matter how it started; it can end in success"!
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Saturday Morning Sisterhood:
Stories of Redemption from Everyday Women

by Norma J. Washington
Price: $10.00

...just when you think you are losing your mind;
God may just be renewing your mind!

Everyone is faced with a time of transition whether it's starting a family, a new job or just starting over.  In Saturday Morning Sisterhood, author Norma J. Washington skillfully weaves heartworming stories of women she's met along her journey with her own story, describing how she relied on God and was able to handle a painful time of transition.  Women everywher will relate to her experiencee of thinking shse was "losing her mind only to discover that God was renewing her mind". your paragraph here.